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Snoop Doge

Yo, yo, it’s your homeboy Snoop Doge, the brother from another mother, to the one and only, OG DOGE. I’ve learned a thing or two from the legend himself, and now I’m about to put my own spin on this shit. Snoop Doge is here to create the ultimate meme coin community, for all the brothers and sisters who like getting high all the time and always got money on their mind. With static rewards, sit back, smoke some weed, and watch your balance get as high as you.

Why Buy Snoop Doge?

If you’re not too high, read for yourself.
Otherwise get someone less high to read it for you.

Static Rewards

1% fee of all transactions gets distributed to all Snoop Doge holders. So you get more coins while you’re busy sleeping, working, or getting high.

Stealth FAIR Launch

No private sale or presale for the launch. Devs will be buying coins like everyone else.  Thats how we do at Snoop Doge. This is for the people.

Marketing Wallet

We’re going to use this money to grow Snoop Doge and get him more high.

Friday High Day + BURN PARTY

Throughout the week your homeboy Snoop doge will collect some cash, convert it to BNB, and each week a lucky holder will win some. The rest will be burned to raise the coin value.

Merch + Use Case

Snoop Doge is creating a brand of all your weed essentials
with limited clothing drops. Profits will buy back into the coin,
raising the value.

Cannabis STRAIN

We are working on our own legal cannabis strain. Profits will be used to buy back the coin and burn the supply to raise the value. We will be getting high on our own supply folks.

How to Use $SNOOP

Snoop Doge Use Case

We will create a dope line of all your weed essentials under the Snoop Doge Brand so you can get high with Snoop Doge all the time. We will use a chunk of the profits from our online store to buy back into the coin to raise the floor price.

Where We’re At


Phase 1

  • $Launch Social Media Sites: Website, Twitter, Telegram, etc
  • $Apply for listing on CoinGecko
  • $Apply for listing on CoinMarketCap
  • $Aggressive Marketing Campaign

Phase 2

  • $Apply for new Exchange Listings
  • $BlockFolio Listing
  • $Launch of Merchandise Store
  • $First High Day Friday

Phase 3

  • $Bring Awareness to Charity
  • $Expand Marketing
  • $Explore and Develop More Cannabis Related Use Cases.

Phase 4

  • $Top 10 Market Cap Listing
  • $Retail Partnerships for Snoop Doge Merch
  • $Take Action On Building Out Relevant Cannabis Related Use Cases
  • $Form Partnerships To Allow Legal Cannabis Vendors To Accept Snoop Doge



We will be launching $SNOOP ON THURSDAY AUGUST 5TH BETWEEN 4PM EST AND 7PM EST. It will be a fair launch with only 15% of coins held back for marketing. Light up your best weed and keep all eyes in our telegram to watch out for our launch on pancake swap during this time.

11% total fee

4% Marketing Wallet

3% Cannabis Strain + Utility Development

1% Static Rewards

1% Friday High Day + Burn Party

1% Liquidity Pool

1% Merch Fund


Follow These Steps

Step 1

Simply visit & download the application. The app is secure and widely used in the DeFi market.

Step 2

Purchase BNB or BSC (Binance Smart Chain) to fund your wallet.

These coins are used in the Binance Smart Chain.

Step 3

(iPhones only)

Visit on your mobile browser.

Click connect on the top right corner of the page. Click WalletConnect, and select Trust Wallet. This will open up the app. Confirm on Trust Wallet and head back to your mobile browser.

Step 4

Select exchange from the dropdown menu on the left. Click ’Select a currency’ & enter the contract address (posted at the top of our website). Set your slippage to 13%.

Click ‘Select a currency’ & enter the contract address.
‍*Set your slippage to 13%